Privacy Policy

APPS corporation(hereinafter referred to as "the Company") regards the privacy of users very seriously and is committed to protecting the interests of users. This Privacy Policy informs you of the purpose and use of your personal information and what actions are being taken to protect your privacy.

The personal information that the Company collects when you use the Company's apps ("apps"), the additional services available within the apps, and other apps (collectively, "apps") that operate in conjunction or association with the apps, And the information you provide to the Company when you visit the website (the apps and websites collectively referred to as the "Service") provided by the Company apply to your personal information disclosed to other users of the Service

※ The company's personal information processing policy may be translated into the user's native language. You can also use Korean translation, Japanese translation, Indonesian translation, Chinese translation etc. However, in the event that the content of the translated version is inconsistent with the personal information processing policy of the Korean version, the Korean version shall take precedence unless otherwise specified. However, if there is any provision in the law of the country corresponding to the user's area, the relevant statute will take precedence.

1. Personal Information Management Policy
The company will observe the following policy.

Ⅰ) To collect, process, use, or disclose user's personal information, notify the user in an appropriate manner and ask for consent.
Ⅱ) The purpose of use is specified to the minimum extent necessary for collection and processing of user's personal information.
Ⅲ) Collect only the minimum amount of information necessary to achieve the specified purpose of use.
Ⅳ) We do not use the information collected from users except for the purpose of collection except for the consent of the user or the related laws and regulations, and keep the information only for the minimum period necessary for achieving the purpose.
Ⅴ) Take appropriate technical and managerial safeguards to protect your personal information.
Ⅵ) Establish transparent and reasonable policies and procedures for handling personal information of users.
Ⅶ) The user may access the personal information of the user by himself / herself according to the law, and correct the user's personal information if necessary.
Ⅷ) have responsibility for the management of the personal information of the collected users. The Company will always listen to you on these principles, this Privacy Policy, and applicable laws.

2. Scope of application
Users can use company services in a variety of ways, including communicating with others, creating new content, and so on. Collection and use of personal information collected to receive additional services (advertising, payment services, etc.) from related companies of collected personal information and services (hereinafter referred to as "supplementary services") for smooth use and safety of this service Range.

※ for users who use supplementary services other than common functions, the Company may provide supplementary personal information processing policies or supplement of personal information processing policies for supplementary services

3. Personal Information We Collect
Ⅰ) Information for smooth service

i. Information about your account When you use the service to use the service, the company collects your phone number. It uses ID (random unique value creation), mobile phone number, email address, gender, and IMEI number (device value) to prevent unauthorized use or unauthorized service use (or abuse). In addition, in order to provide users with important information about the service (such as handling complaints), the company may use the mobile phone number of the user who collected it.

ii. Device information and access logs when using the service When a user uses a company service, the company automatically obtains device information including user's device type, IP address, terminal ID, OS type, browser information, and cookie data, advertisement partner information, Generates and stores log data that contains the specific electronic IDs that are provided to you. This information is used to prevent unauthorized or unauthorized use (or abuse) of the service. It is also used to provide optimized services for your device. The ad identifier may also be associated with your account through your company's internal ID (any unique value).

Ⅱ) Optional and other information
i. Location information
it can be used to calculate distance between users.
ii. Contact information for customer support In order for users to request customer support for their company, they may leave a contact with the company, including contacts. When a user contacts us through the company's question form or by other means, the company will provide you with information including your name, email address, phone number, contact information, device type, device type information such as OS type, Gather and retain the information you choose to do. The Company uses this information to investigate, assist, and improve the Company's customer support services for any inquiries you may have. The Company shall use this information for the support and user management requested by the user and shall keep it in accordance with this Privacy Policy
iii. Billing Information If a user chooses to pay for an additional service or to use a paid service in a manner other than an in-app purchase via iTunes or Google Play, the company may collect and process the user's credit card information to a third party service provider you can ask. The Company uses your credit card information to process payments required to provide you with goods or to provide paid services for your company. The Company does not hold the user's credit card information beyond what is required to provide the payment convenience of the user. Your credit card payment is processed by a reliable third party payment institution.

※ the above information may not be collected due to limitations of authorization of service of individual service or service of user.

Ⅲ) Information created by users or shared with others
User Generated Content Along with the information described above, users can create "user-generated content", such as text and photo information, and share this user-generated content with others. Users can choose whom and how much to share their own content by sending a message (or when creating content) by selecting recipients of user-generated content.

"User generated content" such as text and photo information that users share with other users may be copied, stored, or spread by recipients due to the nature of the digital data and may be disclosed by third party recipients who do not intend to do so. The Company recommends that users pay close attention when creating and sharing their personal information and content with others.

4. How to use collected information
Ⅰ) To provide services and additional services to users and to transmit or share the user-generated contents created by users with other users
Ⅱ) For user identification
Ⅲ) To search for other users using existing services and send messages, and to connect with other users based on the user's prior agreement
Ⅳ) To synchronize applications by sharing information among other applications provided by company, affiliated companies or other business partners based on user's account
Ⅴ) In order to provide supplementary services to users wishing to use more various and convenient functions
Ⅵ) To use the service in an unauthorized manner or to monitor, suppress or prevent unauthorized use
VII) To improve or optimize services and supplementary services
VIII) In order for the Company to effectively support your inquiries or requests
Ⅸ) To measure advertising effects based on the Internet or other media
Ⅹ) to notify users of important information about services or supplementary services as needed;
XI) To aggregate anonymized statistical data on services or supplementary services
XII) To comply with any applicable law or legal obligation

5. How to manage collected information
to protect user privacy and prevent hacking, leakage, and destruction of user information from malicious attackers outside the company, the company has implemented appropriate technical and administrative security standards, including industry standard safeguards.

It processes and stores user information on a secure server to provide services in a reliable and responsible manner. All transfers comply with applicable legal requirements.

Company will keep the personal information you provide for the following period: The period of your account (the period required to fulfill one of the available purposes listed in this Privacy Policy) or any other provision of any applicable law, if any.

Even if a user leaves the service, the company may keep the user's personal information if maintenance is reasonably necessary.
• To comply with applicable legal, regulatory, or legal obligations; • To complete the customer support service you provided • To coordinate disputes between users or other parties • To prevent the use or abuse of unauthorized services

In the process of providing services to users, personal information of users may be provided to external service providers for smooth service provision and user support.

In this case, the company strictly examines external service providers. The Company has reasonable procedures to ensure that external service providers securely manage their personal information and establish an organizational control system.

The Company enters into legally binding agreements with external service providers to comply with applicable laws and regulations applicable to the processing of personal information. The Company also requires that external service providers restrict access to the user's personal information to the minimum extent necessary to fulfill the contract with the company and do not approach any other purpose.

The Company will not provide personal information to a third party without your consent, except when required by law (or authorized) by the Company.

The company uses similar technologies, including cookies and local storage. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your PC when you visit a website. This text file stores information that the website can read when you revisit the site. Other cookies are for visitor convenience. This means that users do not have to fill out the same information each time they use the service.

The company uses cookies as follows:
• To maintain the user's session when the user uses the service or additional services
• To strengthen the company's system security
• To store the user's preferences and provide convenient services optimized for them based on this
• To analyze users' service utilization behavior and provide better service

Most Internet browsers allow users to choose whether to accept cookies themselves. However, if the user disables cookies or restricts the functionality of cookies, the convenience features of the website may be unavailable and may limit the user's overall user experience.

6. Your choice when collecting other information
The Company may acquire information about individuals other than the collection information currently specified. If a company is storing personal information, whether the individual is a user of the service or not, both the individual and the user have the options and rights set forth in this section.

If any applicable law (including immunities or exceptions under applicable law) exists, follow it. You have the right to access your personal information, to request correction of incorrect personal information, including errors, and to oppose the processing of your personal information based on legitimate grounds.

You may exercise this right at any time within the Company app. In order to exercise any other rights recognized in applicable law, you may contact us by e-mail. After confirming the identity of the user, the company will reply to the user's request in accordance with the relevant laws within a reasonable time. If you would like to have a separate inquiry for your company, please send it to the email address below.

If you no longer wish to use the Service, or if you no longer wish to collect and use the Company's personal information, you may withdraw your consent by directly requesting "opt-out" of the App Service. In this case, the Company will delete your information without delay.

7. Other important information
Ⅰ) Special attention to children
Company services are targeted at regular adult users and are not intended for under-age children ("children") under the age of 13.

The Company understands the special needs to protect the child's online privacy and does not intentionally collect any personal information with the child. However, if the user believes that the company is collecting personal information from the child, please notify the company through the following email.

If the Company determines that it has collected personal information from a child due to an unintended mistake, the Company will suspend the related account and promptly take reasonable steps to remove the personal information from the Company's records.

Ⅱ) Question / opinion / inconvenience If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this Privacy Policy or our other privacy policies and procedures, please contact us at your email address.

Ⅲ) Change of personal information processing policy The Company may from time to time change the Company's privacy policy for a variety of reasons, including to improve the processing of users' personal information, to reflect changes to Company services, or to comply with applicable laws

The Company shall notify the User of any changes to the Company's privacy policy using the Service or any other reasonable means. The company recommends that users carefully check the changes at this time. If you agree to the changes, you may continue to use our services. However, if the user does not agree with the change and does not want to use the company's services anymore, the user can choose to close the account. Your continued use of the Company's services after notice of any changes or disclosure to the Service constitutes your acceptance of the change and your consent to the modified Privacy Policy.

8. date
Application date : March 30, 2018